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Gerry’s hot subS

From the founder of Bodean’s BBQ…

On our quest for the most delicious, mouth watering, stomach rumbling Subs, we searched high and low, travelled from big city east to wide open west to bring you what we believe to be the Best Classic Subs on offer! 

Three years in the making, with no corners cut, our personal touch added to each recipe and twists aplenty thrown into the mix, we are proud to bring you Gerry’s Hot Subs. 8” of wholesome goodness packed into a fresh toasted submarine bun.  

Sublime and Substantial food that we know you will enjoy!


The Philly Cheese Steak

We have sourced for your Philly the best of the best: Prime Steak Cut, thinly sliced, seasoned and grilled to perfection, topped with sautéed sweet red peppers, grilled onions and finished with melted Provolone Dolce Cheese. 

There’s no Substitute for Quality!

philly cheese steak



We have put together an amazing team of food lovers and experienced professionals who are committed to offering you a great meal every time.  We are always looking into ways of improving so if you have any comments or recommendations of anything you think we should add to the menu, please get in touch at: [email protected]

But a sub’s a sub, right? What’s new? 

After countless bread tastings, we finally found The Baker to deliver the perfect submarine bun, also known as Torpedo, Hoagie or Grinder. This distinctive glazed bun is soft, light and bouncy in texture with a crisp shell.

Our pastrami is brined and smoked in-house using traditional methods, the whole process takes over 3 weeks. Now there’s commitment for a Sub!

We use quality ingredients in all our homemade recipes and have applied as much care and attention to our scrumptious vegan and vegetarian alternatives as to our irresistible classic subs.  

Gerry’s rebooting the familiar Sub!

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The best sub, straight to your door.

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Opening Hours 

Mon: 5 pm – 10 pm

Tue – Sun: 10 am – 10 pm

(+44) 20-83301660

FoodStars, Kitchen number: K14, 9-10 Parkfield Industrial Estate, London, SW11 5BA

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